Friday, July 30, 2010

Here they are.

These boots finally here...
however I don't know if I still love them as much as I thought I'd be...
Let me just keep them for a while and think about it :P

Happy weekend!!!

I'm so excited for the LA-vegas trip next week!! and of course shopping!!! yay!!

Blouse -- Forever 21
shorts -- ??
booties -- Opening Ceremony

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Opening Ceremony at Ace Online Shop-in-shop Exclusives

So here are some of the items available...
what do you think?

Maison Martin Margiela for Opening Ceremony  feather pen $50.

well it's cute and I love Margiela always but not for $50 bic pen...

Alexander Wang : Proper Attire Designer Pack of 4   $24

good alternatives to the ones who love Marc Jacobs condoms only the price is much higher...

There are also candles, bags, shoes, fancy Pjs (like band of outsiders),books, travel kit, toothbrushes and tooth paste,etc. basically everything you need for travel.

check here:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Forgotten CA photos:food

so here are the food photos... I actually have more... but if I posted them all it would be a little overcrowded...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forgotten CA photos:my back

I almost forgot my digital camera for a month (the small one)...
so here are the photos I forgot... from our CA trip...
and yet I'm going to LA again next week. EXCITED.

so I looked at them and realized that my hubby has been taking tons of photos of my back..which means: I have always been walking in front of him way too fast. lol
and we ate tons too. so you know what the next post will be.

Pleastic-sequin-covered mecca: the LA Margiela boutique

Chloe on Melrose..

wth are these figure prints??!

LA Universal studio...

LOVE. anyone please open a Jumba Juice in Ohio before I move.

what I wore...
ruffle pleated dress -- H&M
espadrilles -- Christian Louboutin
bag -- YSL

plaid shirt -- A.P.C
cropped pants -- 7 for all mankind
hat with ribbon -- Paul Smith
oxford shoes -- Jil Sander

Lanvin boutique on Madison

Lanvin opened their boutique on Madison Avenue in New York city finally!
more love to the Upper East Side !!!

Just saw the photos on

it's soo elegant and romantic as Lanvin always is.
and they even have the bridal section too. I'm nervous..
don't make me love my haven't-worn-yet Vera Wang less please.
anyways Amazing!! can't wait to shop there next month....

yes. shoe heaven too!

photos via


Now I believe these shoes do belong to me.

I was in a little "depression" after I received the email from Opening Ceremony telling me that these boots were actually sold out.. but however.. I saw the last pair ever on Shopbop and they were my size.. and 70% off. SO they are mine again.

Now I know they are supposed to be mine. =D destiny? whatever you call it. Happy now.

Alexander Wang sample sale - New York 8/5-8/8

Good news for the ones in the city!!!
Unfortunately I won't make it but I'll be in Barneys warehouse sale in LA instead on the
good luck!!

P.S: if anyone sees the camel leather wedge sandals please let me know... I'm size 37...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Devon Aoki

She's one of my favorite models of all time...
so beautiful...

and think about some end-of-summer/fall looks...

photos via StyleCovered via

Before I say good night...

very busy weekend...but it was a lot of fun...
Can't believe there's only 2 months left before we move to Japan. I'm a little lost for now...

and yes. less than two weeks till the LA-vegas trip.

knit top -- F21
cropped pants -- Rag & Bone (I think...)

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We ran into a pet store in Nashville last weekend. and took some cute photos..
I really want a cat but since we are moving out of the country so soon it is impossible to finish all the immigration process in 2 months.

(pudding is 7 pounds now.. but compared to that cats of same size weigh soo much lighter...I was really surprised !)

look how cute they are!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer afternoon

I guess it really deserves its own post haha.

I met up with two friends from college and we went to German Village here in Columbus.

Of course it's not huge as the ones in other cities but it's cute enough to have nice walk outside and some dessert :D

Pistacia Vera is nice.. not perfect if you have tried places in NY or Paris or Tokyo but it's definitely among the top ones in Columbus..

and I love the BookLoft too.


I was really lazy the outfit shows that too.. haha
It was so much fun hanging out with some friends from college. still can't believe I've graduated...

Yellow and purple (and turquoise) are opposite colors but I think they work well together sometimes. :P
and yes I love my new bag. I've been wanting a purple chain nightingale for a while but I missed it during the Barneys sale. But when my SA told me that this purple chain Eclipse was left on sale,  I just went for it. haha
well I'm still hoping for a darker color/shiny Nightingale...

dress -- Kate and Kass
bag -- Givenchy
sandals -- Givenchy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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I would never know why this bag is sold out all the time.. but it's cute I think.
Got it for a friend =D
well personally I would prefer the grey one :P

I wore the dress for my show opening too if anyone remembers it..
and these sandals are from a market in Shanghai for only $5 haha..

dress -- H&M
bag -- 3.1 Phillip Lim
sandals -- ?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

loose fit

I love the loose knit sweater from H&M..
they are so simple and easy to wear .
and I love these Alexander Wang wedges too. the only thing is that the leather is so smooth and easy to get scratches on.

sweater -- H&M
shorts -- ???
wedges -- Alexander Wang

styles and likes

I've been thinking about the words that can describe  someone's personal style.
Yet it's hard... hard to make it really short. and I should apologize because I'm reeeeeally bad at writing... (haha :P )
so I have to start from what I like...
I love strange things that still look very elegant. not the trendy things I guess.
and I care about texture and material. I've been crazy about fabrics since long time ago and as a result that was the only thing I was pretty good at when I was studying in Florence.. (yes it was collection theory class and I was soo bad at flat drawings but loooooved the fabrics classes.)
-back to the topic. I love clothes and shoes that are art. It's not about if they are the "it" shoes, "it" designers or "it" style for the season. It's more about the beautiful materials, beautiful colors, beautiful prints, the perfect pattern and shape of them...
So I love Marni and Margiela a lot. They are my true love! it doesn't matter if the whole world is going crazy about studs and they are making different things.

I always have some kind of theory about getting dressed up... It is similar to painting.. there's the harmony and balance problem :D
Nowadays everyone loves street style. I do too. But in my opinion, it's more important to be yourself than the trend now.. It's not fun if you take your face off the photo and nobody would guess that's you... lol
keep the whole outfit simple and add one statement piece into it.. or go really crazy... but remember to be stress free and never try too hard..

last thing...comfy.. Some friends consider my shoes not looking comfy and yes I have been telling people how painful it is after walking in some killer heels for hours.. haha but trust me at least they are the shoes I can walk in, so that's my standard of comfy. I don't buy sky high platforms because there's just no way for me to risk my legs...(high heels are fine as long as the shape fits my feet..)

oh and no fakes or almost-the-same knock offs.. I'm okay with other people being okay with it...some used-to-to-be-better brands are making knockoffs now and personally it's a big big NO.. Don't you think it is weird when you buy a pair of shoes that looks exactly like miu miu or Margiela but it's actually another brand and it's not called Fake?...

oh well.. sorry to get this really long. just some personal opinion.. get back to work now!

pinky and purple-y

flowers and pink murano glass vase; Givenchy Eclipse Hobo