Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!

How was everyone's countdown for 2011?

Last year I was in Shanghai with my husband and my families, and this time we were in Tokyo with his families =)

nothing too exciting or dramatic but it was so nice taking a break with families!

I always tried to write about the past year, give myself some review.. but maybe not too much this time.
There have been so many changes in 2010: graduation, marriage and moving to another country...  life is getting better and I'm closer to my dream now =)

so excited for this year because I already have a list of plans!

haha I'm probably the kind of person who don't look back at all.. lol

oh and sorry for my getting-even-broken English.. :P

so here are some glitters for you!!!

(yay! finally got a chance to have photos of me taken by a camera, not a cellphone.)

May all your wishes come true and everyone has the best 2011 =)

and here's our new puppy "Pola"!
she's a husky mix (I assume..) and is about 3 months. (since we got her from a shelter so nobody know how old she actually is!)
see how cute she is!!!

P.S: I'm going to Nasu tomorrow!! Mountains, hot springs and some snow! :P

Cardigan -- Alexander Wang
T shirt -- Lanvin for H&M
Necklace -- Marni
Sequined shorts -- Ashish
Convertible clutch -- 3.1 Phillip Lim

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