Saturday, June 26, 2010

Waiting for boarding

at the airport right now...

I'm so excited for the CA trip!! yay!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Against the light

The weather has been really good these days.
and especially in the afternoon at home with the light in the living room =)

I love this top sooo much when I saw it in the store. but sadly they only had size 6...
It's really big on me but I've been trying to wear it from time to time.
and you might have noticed that I have a little bit crush on grey pants
especially the "somehow tailored ish ones"
these are just super comfy and make you look a little more casual but polished than jeans might do (IMO)

beaded top -- Diane von Furstenberg
pants - Seven for all mankind

Shoes for sale - 1

I finally took photos of some shoes... and clothes...
and thanks to my friend who came last night right away and adopted 2 dresses and a pair of booties =P

so here are the rest of them.


size 38
1inch heel
worn less than 5 times.
no box

size 38
2inch wedge heel
worn about 10 times
bought in Japan orig. $100
now $ 10
no box

size 37.5-38
worn once
no box

size 37-37.5(8 would be fine but might be a bit tight)
worn twice
1inch heel
no box

size 8
H&M with studs on the back
probably 2.5-3inch heel
comfy to walk in!
worn once or twice
$ 12
no box
size 38
worn 10+times
my favorite sandals of all time. YSL-ish design very comfy to walk in
bought in Japan for about $100 on sale
2.5-3inch heel
now $10
no box

size 38
worn less than 10 times
another favorite sandals.
about 3 inch heel
bought in Japan for over $150
now $18
no box

size 38 (i think. a 7.5 or 8 will fit perfectly)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
suede moccasins with heart/star studs and a ribbon bow in the front. lined with sheepskin in side.
one of my favorite pairs.
original price for over $250
now $25
no box

size 38
bought a few years back for more than $60
very comfy to walk in.
2inch kitten heel
now $ 10
no box

size 38(i think..but will fit 7.5~8.5)
Dolce Vita boots
original price for $300+
I loved these soooo much. classic style with a little slouchy leather design!super comfy
now $35
no box

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boot season and knockoffs - [PART 1]

got an email from Saks this morning and checked bootie section..


what I felt was...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
I don't know why Saks put these Dolce Vita booties on the website while you sell the real Margiela ones too???

I don't hate Dolce Vita. but I just cannot understand why so many shoe makers are getting their hands on knockoffs... DV used to have a lot of their own designs so why do they have to do the knockoffs.. it makes me change my opinions on their brand image.

and Giuseppe has some pairs that look like McQueen or Givenchy...
oh well..

and here are also the Loeffler Randall booties that totally remind me of the Louboutin booties this season.

of course the price difference is a lot. but knockoff is knockoff. you know it too.


Anyways let's see the good part.

Some of my picks from the new things.

these Giuseppe booties are soo cute! I like the loose silhouette and the tie on the back.

Nice Brian Atwood. Though the shape of the heels look kinda like the nail heel booties from Margiela years ago.

The new Chloe booties look like the new versions of the ones they had last year.
Lovely tan colors and nice shape.
Dolce & Gabbana vs House of Harlow...

LOOK AT THESE!! do you know which is which??

so Dolce & Gabbana on the left and House of Harlow on the right.
I think they are both lovely. but definitely Dolce wins!!
it's not just about covering the shoe with lace that one person can easily imagine..IMO
the ruched Lace with the layers are just beautiful. and of course the lace pattern itself is amazing.

NINA RICCI!!!!AMAZING!!!! Guess I love the ruched silhouette anyways and heels are sooo cute!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

knits and sneak peek no.1

So here I am! to introduce you some of the pieces from the project I've been working on!

and these are the shorts I altered from a pair of men's pants.

knit top -- H&M
shorts -- TUTU by Lirong (available for purchase soooon!)
sequined bag -- F21
sandals -- Chie Mihara
cat bracelet -- Noir

* these shorts are available for purchase.
Please email me at

Oh well

What will you do when your best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and then after 1-2 weeks you found out that the best friend's ex is having a new girlfriend who is your best friend's friend??

Sorry I'm not trying to make this sentence complicated.

Guess I'm just really bad at making people feel better...especially the ones around me.
I don't know what I should tell her now..
I'm just trying to avoid talking about must hurt a lot ...sigh
She probably knows about it too..

I wish I could be there for her ... ;_;

hope everything'll be fine soooon....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer is here.

It was SO HOT today...
but the sky looks beautiful and it was so bright outside and I was almost

I had these photos taken in the early afternoon when I didn't even have my make-up/hair done...

Soooorrry!!! but later I had my hair fixed and make up on before we went to dinner with hubby's co-workers and families..

sunnies -- Chloe
top -- Zara
pants - H&M
sandals -- Maison Martin Margiela
sequined bag -- F21

P.S: couldn't believe these pants went on sale from $35 to $ lucky me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Minis for Picnic

Here are some photos from yesterday.

The weather was really nice outside so I was having a picnic mood!!
took this mini muse two for a shot!

I really love YSL bags because they are so simple and not too loud.

Dress -- H&M
Belt -- Zara
Boots -- Maison Martin Margiela
Hat -- H&M
Sunnies -- Chloe
Bag -- YSL

Yes. and I received this mini muse yesterday!!!

I LOVE mini muse!! they just look like miniature (they actually are! :P)
The one I want most is the crocdile leather one or the satin! it makes the size perfect!
well but the thing is that I'm a big-purse person since I usually carry tons of things with me...agenda, two cameras, huge wallet, etc... don't know how many times I will use it / how long I will keep it...hmmm

anyways!! I can't wait to see my Margiela boots tomorrow!! Yes I ordered them and they are coming! (the mesh one)

P.S: I'm in the middle of preparing for my little vintage/altered clothing and accessory collection. I can't tell you more now but all the pieces in it will be super comfortable and easy to wear!!
Stay tuned!!


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black and White and Colors

I finally got the time to take off my solo show stuff that has been in the gallery for so long...

So I had some photos taken in the space before we took everything off.

It feels really strange to be back to the art building and I kept telling myself that I've graduated! Still can't believe it. It was a whole year in this building and everyone worked soooo hard and there have been soo many things and important moments.

Anyways, taking off the show wasn't as great but way better than putting up the show (it was a lot of crying, being desperate moment)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

skirt -- H&M
lace top -- Theory
bow belt -- H&M
oxford shoes -- Jil Sander
bag -- YSL

Monday, June 14, 2010

I need these Margielas...

It's been like an anxiety for me...
and I have been trying really hard to forget about them but I just CAN'T!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm giving up all other booties and ready to get these once they get on sale..
(Please don't be sold out before I buy you!!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and these...they have been calling me since the moment I saw them! (and the bootie version of them!!!)
But I have been struggling since I have SOME(hmmm) pairs of long black boots.. I know black will never be out of date...but I'm really a color
BUT I think I'm getting them cuz the price is knocking my wallet!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


O-M-G. The first time I saw them at NAP I was screaming in front of my computer screen.
and then when I saw Jane from Sea of Shoes wearing them that they look even better being worn,
I knew I need to have them!!!!!
BUT BUT BUT. WHY O WHY NAP is NOT having a further discount on these...cry...
7xx is okay but 40% off is not enough to make my wallet (and my hubby) agree on me buying them without a little fight lol


Friday, June 11, 2010

New project

Hi there.

Sorry for posting all the wedding photos haha!!!

well I haven't finished posting all the photos from the wedding
but let's start a new topic here.

I have been thinking about the new project for a long long time.
And after the marriage thing all settled, I finally got the chance to really start working.

and guess what?!

Yes. I'm starting my own vintage/collection line.
The line will have vintage, used/new clothings, shoes
but the most part will be the clothes that I altered and redesigned by myself.
It'll be all about easy to wear, fun,casual chic style but still look a little classy
the pieces are all what I'd like to wear myself!

And I just ordered labels today :P

Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 10, 2010