Friday, August 13, 2010


I got this bag for someone else in grey. well I still don't know how to judge it :P

but it seems to fit okay with these Celine pants that still need to be altered..
and btw.. I'm getting the new Phillip Lim edie bag in leopard...will post sooon..

P.S: these flats were literally cutting my achilles on the first day...

top -- ??
pants -- Celine
bag -- 3.1 Phillip Lim
flats -- miu miu


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J said...

The Edie bag is so cute, can it be worn cross body style or is the strap too short?

If the flats are still cutting into into your heels, you should try foot petalz. I have to use them on lanvins because they give me blisters.

Lirong said...

Hi Jennifer! =)

Thanks for the comment. well the edie bag cant be worn crossbody because the strap is a little too short i think. well you might still wear it crossbody but it looks kinda strange since the bag will be under you arm then .. :P

the flats are a actually one size big.. so that might be the problem..