Friday, August 20, 2010


I'm totally in love with the Phillip Lim edie bag in leopard print suede..

I didn't feel "it" at all when trying on the studded ones.. but I'm now seriously/officially in love with this pretty. Isn't she adorable??

SO I'm really really really incredibly lazy these days. I didn't even wear any make up when going out. NOT wearing make up isn't the problem. but the problem is that I made a huge mistake when taking care of my eyebrows the other day. and they look crazy right now.

and sorry I'm using my digital camera right not as nice as the DSLR. Another problem when I'm lazy...

sweater dress -- H&M
bag -- 3.1 Phillip Lim
booties -- Maison Martin Margiela


J said...

The leopard bag goes beautifully with your sweater dress! :)

Twinn said...

I love your booties && dress.


Lana said...

Hey Lirong,

I love all of your stuff!
I wish I had the patience and energy to dress as well as you. Maybe some day! Are you moving to Japan? I'm living in Yamanashi right now, so if you come please let me know!