Thursday, September 2, 2010

Parting with my Jimmy Choo for H&M dress

While everyone's talking about Lanvin x H&M collection.
I digged out this Jimmy Choo x H&M dress that my mom bought me.
However... It's a little too big on me as I'm not that tall so finally I'm ready to find her a new home.
So I decided to take the last photo in her =)

size S/ 170/88A

If you are interested, please email me at
It's brand new with tag on. sold out everywhere.

こちらのワンピースはタグ付きの新品です。購入したい場合はメールで にて連絡してください。


Hanna said...

I think it still looks good on you!
And I can't wait either for lanvin x H&M, counting the days :$

Lirong said...

Hi Hanna!

thank you!!

I'm soooo excited for the Lanvin x H&M collaboration tooo!!!! but I don't know if I can line up for more than 24 hours in Tokyo!!!