Friday, September 3, 2010

Perfect nude pumps

I have been looking for the perfect nudy pumps around for a while. And finally got these in by accident... (yes it was the Project No.8 sale)

As you know, I'm a pretty much hardcore Margiela shoe fan :P

these are so timeless and also easy to walk in too.

blazer -- Zara
shorts -- Forever 21
pumps-- Maison Martin Margiela


devilishlypleasurable said...

can never go wrong with nude pumps. . you look fab like that :)

Alterations Needed said...

Those pumps are gorgeous! I'm still on the hunt for my perfect nude's harder than it sounds!

Great neutral, summer outfit. I love the blazer with shorts look.

Lirong said...


Thank you!! yes I love them a lot :D

>Alterations Needed

Thank you for your comment!!! I know!! I've been looking for the perfect ones for months and months...and finally found them =) hope you'll find yours soon tooo!!


Love this

Lirong said...


Thank you!!

DaisyLine said...

i love this look, so elegant and simple. this shoes are amazing!
DaisyLine from