Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spring is back here.

Thanks to the Ohio weather... It's almost fall here for only a few days.. so I finally got the chance to wear these Margielas.

same as the last post.. I digged out the white blazer that I bought more than a year ago but never got to wear it even once. So I tried to pair it up with the white dress from MINT.

blazer -- Zara
dress -- MINT by Jodi Arnold
boots -- Maison Martin Margiela


Anonymous said...

Love the white blazer. I have one too but I'm not sure how to style it to avoid looking like I'm wearing a lab coat. Any suggestions?

Lirong said...

hi there =) thanks for your comment.

IMO I think something that usually dont go with blazers would work. White blazers can look very formal/doctor-ish sometimes, so it's important to dress it down, or add different texture/shape to it. I would wear my blazer with some ruffle dresses, or maybe long dress with bold prints, or skinny jeans+minimal top+statement jewelry. or if your blazer is really long, a belt over the blazer might be helpful to exaggerate the waist line.
Hope these would help =D

Hanna said...

I love this outfit and your shoes are so cool!

Anonymous said...

@ Lirong - thanks for the suggestions on how to style the blazer!