Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cleaning day 4

Actually I have been cleaning my apartment for a few days since I moved out of the dorm.

Way too many the cleaning process has been very very slow...

the result of today:

I cleaned up and rearranged the bathroom (actually it's the guest bathroom)

haha please ignore my hand there.

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still, I know it's not very pretty or not even anything about fancy...

but it totally feels good after the mess being there for more than a month (the excuse is that I have been busy with school...)

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and here's the first clothing rack.

I'm waiting for the new wooden hangers to come tomorrow! yay

I need a few racks there before my big/main project -- converting the guest bedroom into my studio.

lol sorry if anyone plans to stay here or something :P

P.S: yes, that's my Vera Wang gown for the June wedding here in the states :D

the real order-to-made one is not coming yet.

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