Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cloudy Day and MJ Bird Cage bag

Sorry the title is absolutely random.

I had my camera with me the day before yesterday but sadly I forgot to charge it...

so here is the only pic I have...

I have been really lazy at home. so some jersey jumpsuits and a sweatshirt might be the best outfit for grocery shopping =) oh and guess you can't see clearly but these are the sequin wedge pumps I got from F21. They have leopard print too. And the grey sweatshirt actually has some bronze-ish metal things on the front...all from F21.

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Nothing related to the outfit.

I received this bag today.

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The Marc Jacobs Jennifer Bird Cage bag.

Definitely not my thing and of course it is for someone else. Hope she likes it.

P.S: the studio converting thing is going well. Finally things are kind of coming together =)

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