Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday and Rodarte

Sunday was a little busy.
I went to Jo ann to get some fabrics and materials. but before that I had a little brunch.
Thanks to my future-hubby-in-2-weeks for making sandwiches =)

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And for the first time, I finally got to wear this skirt from Rodarte for Target collection.
It's such a beautiful skirt in mustard color. I love the layers it has and how they move!

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and we had some Korean style shaved ice =)
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well actually life is getting a bit crazy these days since I'm getting married next weekend.
YES. NEXT WEEKEND. so I'm trying not to freak out..
and I'm so so so bad at planning things ahead so now:
dress is being altered, cupcakes ordering to be done this weekend, flowers I asked my friend to help but I still need my bouquet and maybe some flowers for the table, Shuttle or trolley still needed, vows to be writted. OH and YOU KNOW WHAT, I still need to pick up a spot for the ceremony on the beach and also I need a B plan if it rains on that day. Also I need to talk to some friends to figure out the reception timeline. And I need to find out how I will have my hair and makeup done.. O.M.G. wedding planning is just crazy.

Sorry to write these down here, but I need some kind of exit for the stress...lol

what I wore in the photos before I complained.

Silk shirt -- vintage
Skirt -- Rodate for Target
Sunglasses -- Chloe
Oxford shoes -- Jil Sander
Bag -- H&M

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