Monday, June 14, 2010

I need these Margielas...

It's been like an anxiety for me...
and I have been trying really hard to forget about them but I just CAN'T!

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I'm giving up all other booties and ready to get these once they get on sale..
(Please don't be sold out before I buy you!!)

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and these...they have been calling me since the moment I saw them! (and the bootie version of them!!!)
But I have been struggling since I have SOME(hmmm) pairs of long black boots.. I know black will never be out of date...but I'm really a color
BUT I think I'm getting them cuz the price is knocking my wallet!!!

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O-M-G. The first time I saw them at NAP I was screaming in front of my computer screen.
and then when I saw Jane from Sea of Shoes wearing them that they look even better being worn,
I knew I need to have them!!!!!
BUT BUT BUT. WHY O WHY NAP is NOT having a further discount on these...cry...
7xx is okay but 40% off is not enough to make my wallet (and my hubby) agree on me buying them without a little fight lol


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