Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Boot season and knockoffs - [PART 1]

got an email from Saks this morning and checked bootie section..


what I felt was...ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
I don't know why Saks put these Dolce Vita booties on the website while you sell the real Margiela ones too???

I don't hate Dolce Vita. but I just cannot understand why so many shoe makers are getting their hands on knockoffs... DV used to have a lot of their own designs so why do they have to do the knockoffs.. it makes me change my opinions on their brand image.

and Giuseppe has some pairs that look like McQueen or Givenchy...
oh well..

and here are also the Loeffler Randall booties that totally remind me of the Louboutin booties this season.

of course the price difference is a lot. but knockoff is knockoff. you know it too.


Anyways let's see the good part.

Some of my picks from the new things.

these Giuseppe booties are soo cute! I like the loose silhouette and the tie on the back.

Nice Brian Atwood. Though the shape of the heels look kinda like the nail heel booties from Margiela years ago.

The new Chloe booties look like the new versions of the ones they had last year.
Lovely tan colors and nice shape.
Dolce & Gabbana vs House of Harlow...

LOOK AT THESE!! do you know which is which??

so Dolce & Gabbana on the left and House of Harlow on the right.
I think they are both lovely. but definitely Dolce wins!!
it's not just about covering the shoe with lace that one person can easily imagine..IMO
the ruched Lace with the layers are just beautiful. and of course the lace pattern itself is amazing.

NINA RICCI!!!!AMAZING!!!! Guess I love the ruched silhouette anyways and heels are sooo cute!!

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