Friday, June 25, 2010

Shoes for sale - 1

I finally took photos of some shoes... and clothes...
and thanks to my friend who came last night right away and adopted 2 dresses and a pair of booties =P

so here are the rest of them.


size 38
1inch heel
worn less than 5 times.
no box

size 38
2inch wedge heel
worn about 10 times
bought in Japan orig. $100
now $ 10
no box

size 37.5-38
worn once
no box

size 37-37.5(8 would be fine but might be a bit tight)
worn twice
1inch heel
no box

size 8
H&M with studs on the back
probably 2.5-3inch heel
comfy to walk in!
worn once or twice
$ 12
no box
size 38
worn 10+times
my favorite sandals of all time. YSL-ish design very comfy to walk in
bought in Japan for about $100 on sale
2.5-3inch heel
now $10
no box

size 38
worn less than 10 times
another favorite sandals.
about 3 inch heel
bought in Japan for over $150
now $18
no box

size 38 (i think. a 7.5 or 8 will fit perfectly)
Marc by Marc Jacobs
suede moccasins with heart/star studs and a ribbon bow in the front. lined with sheepskin in side.
one of my favorite pairs.
original price for over $250
now $25
no box

size 38
bought a few years back for more than $60
very comfy to walk in.
2inch kitten heel
now $ 10
no box

size 38(i think..but will fit 7.5~8.5)
Dolce Vita boots
original price for $300+
I loved these soooo much. classic style with a little slouchy leather design!super comfy
now $35
no box


Anonymous said...

I wish I could wear your shoes!!


Lirong said...

> Kelly

hey girl!!!
well yeah that's the problem for shoes!!!