Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dinner at Takashi

I have been posting about fashion but I'm a foodie too!!!!

I LOVE food and eat a lot =)

so...we went to Takashi in Chicago this past weekend.
It was really GREAT.

I've tried a lot of restaurants in Chicago that are highly recommended by people on Yelp,etc.
However, the reviews are not always true IMO.

anyways. Takashi is really really good.
I'm picky about French and Japanese cuisine. as well as asian fusion.
and price wise too.

for example..I went to Blackbird which I had always wanted to give a try a few weeks ago and it was really disappointing... I wrote down a whole page on the back of their receipt and left it there.
The flavor was a little overwhelming as French. and it made me feel totally overpriced... nothing surprising or impressive..


My fiance and I really wanted something light. Something Asian and European and not too heavy or too Asian/European (haha)
Takashi was REALLY GOOD.
It was just the right amount of food and flavor and satisfaction I was looking for.
Maybe it's because the chef is Japanese who learnt French cuisine? :p

Beef tartare. The beef was sooo good. I wonder where they found these? I always don't trust the meet in the states especially the raw one.. but these remind me of the beef we had in Japan!! the sides are also very fresh. nice plus to the beef.
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then my garlic soup with frog meat.
Ok. some people may not be okay with this. but this was seriously good.

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chicken in clay pot. It's very Japanese in terms of "steam in the clay pot with Yuzukosho" but it tasted very fresh and has a bit French hint! (hope you understand what I'm saying! haha)

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then the state wing.
OMG it was soooooo good. my tears were always pouring!
the cauliflower risotto was a little bit heavy in comparison but since there was only a little on the plate. it went totally fine with the others.

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the last one. the dessert was good. it was not too surprising but I loved it.
After the whole meal I wanted something light and the blueberry tart was perfect.

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and a photo of me at the dinner

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