Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer is here.

It was SO HOT today...
but the sky looks beautiful and it was so bright outside and I was almost

I had these photos taken in the early afternoon when I didn't even have my make-up/hair done...

Soooorrry!!! but later I had my hair fixed and make up on before we went to dinner with hubby's co-workers and families..

sunnies -- Chloe
top -- Zara
pants - H&M
sandals -- Maison Martin Margiela
sequined bag -- F21

P.S: couldn't believe these pants went on sale from $35 to $ lucky me!


Leila Z said...

hahah dear did you color your hair back??? now I really think this one looks better on you than the dark one! Omg I still like the way that I used to pull my bang up...having the bang down in this steamy summer is really a torture!

Lirong said...

haha no!! i didnt dye my hair back so i guess its just because of the light and the color fading...

well or you can choose to put your bang on the side i think..u have lots of choices!