Saturday, July 10, 2010


It was raining pouring yesterday in the afternoon...
but I was kinda in a picnic mood with Pudding.
So we played some dressing-up and cleaning instead

I bought this dress from Topshop in February and had never really worn till yesterday
but it was the dress that I had on me for the photo shooting of my senior project for the group show.. (yay)
guess I will take some pictures of the photo set that is now hanging on the wall.

btw I saw this hat in Paul Smith last weekend and I knew I had to have it!!I love how the satin goes through the weaves instead of just wrapping around and the blue/navy is beauuutiful!!

hat - LOLA from Paul Smith
dress - Topshop
sandals - somewhere in Tokyo(sorry I TOTALLY don't remember...)
bag - H&M

Have a nice weekend!!

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