Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Delta, we have a problem.

I'm lazy and tired now...

it was not fun flying at 10:20pm and get here at 5am.

and the worst part was even before boarding!!!!


sorry. I never really curse anyone but this time I was soooo pissed.

Delta sucks!!!!

so I've been using my McQueen carryone case forever since I bought it. And it has traveled with me all over the world as a carry one luggage and I put alllll my most important/precious things in it and took good care of it.


This time. After I checked my huge suitcase in, I took my darling McQueen with me to go thru the security check. And some lady suddenly yelled at me. She was like "you have to check your bag."
"what?? which one??" I was very confused.
"that one. it's too big"
and then I tried to convince her that I've been using this bag forever and it's internationally approved carry on size!!!!! but then she called her manager and that lady too, didn't even think about it and told me I will have to check it because the wheels don't fit in the size.


I was sooooooo MAD at the counter. I explained how many times I've been using it and how nobody EVER said anything to it even on the way to LA by Delta too. but they totally didn't even look at me and my darling WHITE CROC-EMBOSSED suitcase and gave me all the poker faces.
So finally I was in tears at the desk for 30 min and then the manager was like , okay I can put the fragile tag on it. I asked her how it works. what if my darling gets a scratch? what if the documents and my louboutins, margielas, marni get lost??? I've had bad enough experience with the airlines in the states about lost luggages. They told me there's nothing they can do.. not even extra insurance.
Someone at the counter talked to the manager like "the girl doesn't wanna check her bag" and they thought I just don't wanna pay for the $25 and they kept telling me if I've got anything expensive I can take them out. BUT the problem is not just the stuff in it but the suitcase itself too AND how can I take out all the documents and almost everything out of it??????!!!!! and WHY would I want to pay to get my darling shoes and bags in danger?????
They even told me that the reason might be that I'm from Ohio and the airport here is not so strict. BULLSHIT. I'm not from Ohio I'm from Asia and I've been travelling around the world with it for enough times to approve it's carry on bag! So were all those Asian and European international airports being lazy or not strict enough????
oh, and why did I see SO MANY other passengers on the same flight having even BIGGER bags after I got on the plane???!!! someone's bag was half size taller than mine!!!!!!

if it is the rule as they said, shouldn't they apply it to every passenger in every airport??????

oh boy. and when we got here at the airport. I almost cried again when I saw my suitcase with all the red paint and black scratches and even water/oil on it. so WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THE FRAGILE TAG??

I'm trying to clean the bag now and hope it works. ....


Leila Z said...

poor girl...
i had really awful experience with Delta too!!!
Hate them!!!
patpat...hope you will be able to clean your darling suitcase!

Lirong said...

I KNOW!!!!! Why are the airlines here so terrible at luggage problems??!!! I had experience with lost luggage/damaged ones way toooo many times here in the past 4 years!! cant believe it!!!!