Friday, July 16, 2010

Off to bed...

Exhausted now.. but i need to wake up early before 4am in the morning get on the road to Nashville.. but I love road trip. good part is I don't drive...cuz I can't drive. sorry hubby :P
and I don't need to worry about luggage being oversized or anything like that. and we can travel with Pudding too!! (she loves jumping around in the car or being my mini pillow haha)

anyways..I need to sleep now..oh and pack!

here are some photos before the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


tank dress -- H&M (only $5!!)
belt -- Zara
booties -- Maison Martin Margiela


dee said...

You look great! I love those shoes. I got the buckle wedges in the mail and they fit perfectly! Driving is fun, except for the part where you have to avoid bad drivers.

Lirong said...

Thank you!!
congrats on your boots!!!! I really really love the pony hair one!!!!! can't wait to see your photos!!!

haha I'm learning how to drive now...but it scares me a bit... lol

The Backseat Stylers said...

Great shots! Love the dress and the shoes look amazing. Would love to see them close up.

Lirong said...

Hi! Thank you =)