Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I LOOOOOOVE these wedges.

As I said in the previous post...I had my eyes on these espadrilles a loong time ago since the first time I saw them @ Barneys.

Sorry I'm posting some similar photos but I just LOVE how they make the look so casual and laid back but sooo polished at the same time!!

haha see these dirty soles.... it was the third day I wore these....

One of my friends told me "how can you tell it's louboutin!!! it's wedges! you cant see the soles"
well haha I think you can tell if you know it!!!! they are just sooo perfect for everything!

And there was another episode about these when I was trying on tons of shoes in the Beverly Hills Barneys. I had my left foot in the louboutin espadrille and I was trying on a Givenchy sandal on my right foot. One girl was in front of the mirror right beside me trying on the same espadrilles and she kept telling her friend "omg omg omg I love these shooooes they are sooo cute" and then I looked at her telling her I bought these tooo! then she asked me how they feel ,etc. I told her I LOVE THEM and Ive been wearing them since when I bought them! Then she made up her mind pretty much trying to find these sandals in her size and kept telling her friend sitting on the couch beside us "Look at her shoes!! She said she loooves them!! "
haha it was so much fun and I was really happy to see someone else trying on the same shoes!!

BTW, I just took a few photos of some of my new stuff :P
got my Marni dresses too!!!! YAY can't wait to show them!!!


H. Justice said...

I love love love your photos. I think they really compliment your personality and the fashion is to die for. Im following your blog forever. ><

Lirong said...

Thanks Hope!! =D

some photos are taken by daisuke..some are by myself playing selftimer at home haha