Saturday, July 10, 2010

zips zips zips

I know these Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle boots have been around for a year. I'm not really good at wearing too RnR style :P but these boots would go really nice with soft print dress too!! and especially the lizard embossed one is my favorite (then the ponyhair covered one...)

but inspired by the silver + black and the buckles..
I paired them with my zipper-shoulder dress bought from some market last year in Shanghai.
haha you can probably tell from the photo that I have been wearing the dress way tooo much and the fabric is really worn by now.

and I almost forgot my Marc Jacobs zipper necklace and the watch belt bracelet!! (yay)

btw my friend from college came to visit today!! It was great having her over and we went to a Vietnamese place for lunch. then shopping at H&M!  =D
I still can't believe it that in the past two months, I graduated from college and even got

dress -- ???
bracelet -- Marc Jacobs
necklace -- Marc Jacobs
booties -- Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony


dee said...

I love your boots, I'm so jealous!

Lirong said...

Thank you!!!

I love them too but the buckles are really tight on me....I dunno if I can walk in them for a day..

dee said...

Oh no! They're not comfy? I'm considering buying the pony hair ones! How is the sizing? The smallest size OC has is a 38, and I'm a true 7.5.

The Jessica Simpson platforms are comfortable if you're not planning on doing a lot of walking, haha.

Lirong said...

me tooo! im a true 7.5.
37 looks good on my feet by i think 38 should be more comfy!!! the pony hair ones are gooooorgeous!!!!!:P i'd say get it!!!!!>_<