Monday, July 12, 2010


when I saw these H&M jeggings (do people still call them like this???),
I was almost screaming..   They look like the pair of A.P.C pants I saw in LA that was sold out of my size. but anyways they are still very different. cuz the A.P.C one that I'm dying for is made of smooth cotton and has straight cut.
well but they do have almost same color and this H&M one is brighter..

the best thing is. they go soo well with anything. I'm excited to try wearing them with some crazy pattern next time.

P.S: I think I look funny in some of the photos with the poses, huh??

beige silk shirt -- vintage
leggings-pants -- H&M
lace-up oxfords in the first pic -- Jil Sander
cutout sandals -- Maison Martin Margiela

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