Friday, July 23, 2010


I was really lazy the outfit shows that too.. haha
It was so much fun hanging out with some friends from college. still can't believe I've graduated...

Yellow and purple (and turquoise) are opposite colors but I think they work well together sometimes. :P
and yes I love my new bag. I've been wanting a purple chain nightingale for a while but I missed it during the Barneys sale. But when my SA told me that this purple chain Eclipse was left on sale,  I just went for it. haha
well I'm still hoping for a darker color/shiny Nightingale...

dress -- Kate and Kass
bag -- Givenchy
sandals -- Givenchy


Ashley said...

Love your dress, it's so gorgeous and drapey. And *of course* loving that bag, what a gorgeous color!! :)


Lirong said...

Hi ! Ashley!

Thank you for the comment!